Happy Birthday, Opal!

Opal Lou turned 1 today! She made it a year, so I guess this gives us hope for our future children. There was really no option besides throwing her a little surprise birthday party complete with pupcakes. And let’s just say, she loves pupcakes. Thanks to Jared for helping us bake these treats!

Along with a new toy, we gave her her first pair of Doggles to help her open her squinty eyes when she hangs her head out the car window. I’m not sure she’s a fan of those yet, but we sure are.

It was an entertaining little afternoon celebration, and some people might think we are crazy, but I just think we are fun. The only thing we will do differently next year is send out invitations, because we had several people wanting to join in on the fun!

Opal, we love you. And we are unhealthily obsessed with you. Happy Birthday!

candlecollagecakecollage1dogglessexytiredoutsideAnyone looking to make pupcakes should click here! We made our own icing out of peanut-butter and smashed bananas.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Opal!

  1. Happy Birthday, Opal! What a wonderful party! I so enjoy what you share with me through writing and pictures. Thank you so much! With love, Grandmother

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