Adieu, Adieu. To you and you and you.

Today marked my last day in the PPCD class. I’m sad. I will miss those little cuties every. single. day. Luckily, I walked away with a laminated collage of all the kids sitting in Santa’s lap. #framer! I think this experience allowed me to walk away with two obvious points of growth.

 1: How to change a diaper with minimal gagging.

2: Forgiveness.

A little boy will run halfway across the playground to tell you that his friend hit him, and he won’t stop pouting until you call the offender over for an apology. If he won’t apologize, the sulking continues for all of recess. If he apologizes, they are immediate besties once again and run off to play tackle. Another apology is probably soon to follow.

A little girl can get scolded to tears for repeatedly not doing her work, but five minutes later after one pat of approval, she is hugging you as tight as she can giving you what she calls a ‘squeeze hug.’

Forgiveness amongst children is instantaneous. It’s authentic. It’s final. We all deserve a good pout sometimes, but once it’s over, it’s over. Let’s be like the children. Forgive, move on and be besties once again. Never look back. And most definitely never hit back.


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