Happy Life Day!

Happy Valentines Day! We are out of this world busy right now, so all romance is getting overlooked in our house this year. No décor. No dinners. Nada. But I thought I’d take a minute to be thankful.

Each year on February 14 my mom and grandmother choose not to celebrate Valentines Day—at least in the traditional sense. They celebrate Life Day—not primarily focusing on the ‘love’ aspect of the cupid’s holy day but instead on the beauty of life.

Twenty-eight years ago these two women became survivors.

On Valentines Day 1985, the year before my glorious entrance into this world, my mom and one of her best friends were victims of a school shooting in Temple, TX. Both were shot and both are alive today. At the same time my mom was admitted to the emergency room, my Grandmother was wheeled out of her cancer surgery.

Not only did one of these dynamos actually give me life, they have both taught me how to live life. Teaching me daily not to sweat the small stuff but to focus on relationships with people. Encouraging me in academics and enthusiastically supporting my travels. Modeling compassion for the least of these and grace for all. Demonstrating integrity, commitment, responsibility and humor. They are much better at these things than me (except humor, I’m claiming that one), but I continue to learn from their example. It’s safe to say that every day is Life Day for them.

This year on Valentines Day, I intentionally celebrate two inspiring ladies whose lives have been so interwoven with love that when I celebrate them, I can’t help but celebrate love, too.

Happy life and love day to each of you, today and every day!20130214-125711.jpg

PS. I lied. We did at least acknowledge Valentines in our house last night. You know, when Walker gave me his gift—new toothpaste. I’m a lucky lady!


8 thoughts on “Happy Life Day!

  1. My,my! I do so enjoy and appreciate your writings! Thank you so much for your Happy Life Day Valentine creation. I just love what you said soooo much ! (As Abby would say 🙂 Grandmother

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  2. How well I remember receiving a phone call from Ruth Bearden about Debbie on that night in 1985. I started calling some of our JBC friends, and we started praying. Of course, Deb was always getting herself into some sort of jam, but this was a big one! God answered our prayers and saw her through this ordeal. I love your mom and grandmother both. Yes, they are true survivors, and you are blessed to have them as role models in your life.

  3. I just saw this post from Aunt Jane’s facebook page. I love this. I am so happy you are all doing well. What a wonderful family legacy 🙂 I hope we can all see each other soon. A family reunion may be in order. Love, Lori (Cole) Kennedy

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