A Desert Girl’s Dream

Walker and I don’t get to visit Tucson too often, maybe twice a year, so I’m always a little homesick. But days like yesterday, man, days like yesterday make me want to pack our things and head west.

It snowed. Like really snowed. It might be different if I was from a land where snowfall isn’t such a sight to be behold, but I felt like I was missing out on the commraderie between all fellow desert dwellers. Everyone was bonding but me. Everyone seemed to be prancing through the glittering streets like it was their only agenda for the day, or so said social media. I guess in this case it’s ok to be a little (A LOT) bit jealous, so prance on people!

Snow or sand, you are beautiful, Tucson. 20130221-170212.jpgA fellow Tucsonan posted this pic on Instagram yesterday, and I fell in love with it. Source.


One thought on “A Desert Girl’s Dream

  1. I missed the snow too, daughter dearest. No snow in Casa Grande – just rain. But then again, rain is pretty magical in Arizona desert as well. 🙂

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