Welcome Home!

Hey Dad!
Welcome home! I know you aren’t getting back until tomorrow night, but I just thought I would tell you that not much has changed. Mom tried to take some pictures of us after church so we could send a few to say we miss you, but per my usual self, I refused to look at the camera. I’ve also continued to find random panties to chew on. No matter where you put them, I will find them. And your black sock, sorry about your black sock. I’ve been sleeping most of the days, but don’t worry, I still wake up long enough to snort snot all over mom’s computer/face/book. I think she thinks it’s cute. I need you to come home. When I bite and scratch mom she yells at me. She doesn’t think playtime is fun. All she wants to do is cuddle and squish my face. Please come home so I can have somebody to wrestle with again. Oooh, gotta go, I just ate a bug, and mom is probably going to try and pull it out of my mouth. Drive safe! I wish I was in your passenger’s seat!


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