This has been circling the internet, and I want to post it on here so I will remember it always. Maybe it’s the writer in me, but these bad analogies rival any joke, funny story or awkward moment that has ever rendered me laughter. I say maybe it’s the writer in me because Walker barely cracked a smile while I was barely breathing. Numbers 4, FIVE, 8, 11 and 12 nearly took by life through asphyxiation. I know they took my mascara.


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2 thoughts on “Analogies

  1. Just catching up on your blog. I just laughed out loud at work at number 5. And 6 isn’t that funny but Maya makes the most terrible sound before she yaks so I got a kick out of it anyway.

    • Seriously, I think about number 5 all the time. And I have yet to not laugh at it. I’m glad other people find it funny, because Walker made me feel so abnormal!

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