Just the two of us

photoHave you ever seen publicity for an event and thought “I’m going even if I have to go by myself.”? These were my exact words when I saw a billboard for a Prado exhibit in Houston. Luckily, I didn’t have to go alone, and Walker and I used our first totally commitment free weekend of 2013 to go on an overnight getaway to Houston…or as my dad would say, Youston.

Our drive down was filled with a Pandora 90s rock station, prompting me to decide I’m grateful this music era is no more. Walker on the other hand now believes he could have made it as a 90s rocker and belted the whole. drive. down. At one point I actually pleaded with him to stop letting out such high pitched screams even saying, “Look, you have spit in your beard!” To which he quickly corrected me, “No, those are my tears. When I sing that high I cry.” Luckily, Carly Rae Jepsen saved our marriage by intervening with a little Call Me Maybe. Long story short, if you’ve never heard my husband perform ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank, you’re missing out. So much so I’ll let you ride with him next time.agora cafeWe ate oh so well thanks to this girl. At our first cafe stop I experienced one of my top 5 sandwiches to date. I’ve already had two requests to hear more about my other 4, so with that kind of demand, I guess this sandwich lover will have to write more about that! We soaked up our carefree schedule strolling in and out of fun little shops, often commenting on how nice it was to relax just the two of us.  jar of spoolsvintage pyrexvintage pyrex 1thrift shop old radios true liesUntil Friday night I was naively under the assumption that chocolate chip cookies were a staple in the cookie category. Our hotel offered a cookies and milk bar and to say we were devoted to getting back in time to catch it is an understatement. We grabbed the remaining chocolate chip cookies, filled up with milk and raced back to the room. And by ‘raced’ I mean we rode an elevator in which the guy before us had pushed every single button. But patience is a virtue, and we finally made it back to our room for cookie time! Imagine my horror when I bit into a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Fact #423–I hate peanut butter. I’m sure I dramatically overreacted wondering how I could live such a cursed life. milk and cookies mfahLuckily, our free weekend happened to be the last weekend Portrait of Spain was on exhibit at the Houston Museum of Art. Paintings by Goya, El Greco, Velásquez and many others gloriously hung throughout the rooms. I just knew when I left the building we would be walking the streets of Madrid. We loved it! While wandering around the other exhibits our stomachs started eating themselves, meaning we got cranky, so off to lunch we went. portrait of spainhouston museum of art 1 houston museum of art 2 houston museum of artlady in a red hat art museum escalator 1IMG_1806I was pumped about tasting my first macaroon at Revival Market, and Walker decided he will do all of his shopping here should he ever become a Houstonian. After a quick trip to a fun vintage shop followed by Ikea, we made our way home to Opal with our Call Me Maybe Pandora station playing loud and proud. You were good to us, Houston. Thanks for not being too humid yet!revival market macarooms relay on 19When my dad married us, he gave us a piece of advice handed down to him by his father on his wedding day–take a trip once a year. And while we hope our overnight getaway is not our only ‘trip’ of 2013, there is something beautiful in running away together for 24 hours. In this season of our lives the opportunity doesn’t come all that often, and we are grateful for that, because our schedules are blessedly full of youth and showers and family and weddings and church and parties and babies and mission trips and friends. But holding to our marriage-day advice, we plan on taking tiny travels whenever we get the chance!

P.S. We found this blog helpful for some fun ideas in Houston!


5 thoughts on “Just the two of us

  1. Katelyn – you actually took a photo of sewing cottons – does this mean you are not your mothers daughter!!!!!!!!!!

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