The weather made us do it

Winter came back to haunt us once this week, but today is making me believe that spring is here to stay forever. Like until 2015 at least. Most Sundays involve us coming home from church and racing to see who can get our pajamas back on the fastest, but the weather was begging us to spend some time with it today. And because we are so kind-hearted, we obliged. grapes and juicehe loves mayolettuce burgerplain hamburgeri'm gonna eat youAnd if there’s any question, I prefer my lettuce to meat ratio to be 75:1. Uh ya, I’m not a math person, so I have no idea what that even means. So I’ll just say lots o’ lettuce and less than lots o’ meat.

We were more than happy to shake off the shivers and welcome the rays. But we promptly went inside as Walker declared, “I’ve gotta go watch the Masters. And I call laying on the couch all by myself all afternoon.” It didn’t quite go his way though, as the cutest little girl with tiny teeth and an underbite doesn’t care when her dad calls dibs. She always has dibs.too cute


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