Wearing fake glasses since 1988

tinyI came across this challenge by Jenni called Blog Every Day in May. I’ve never participated in something like this, but I thought I’d give it a shot—sounds like a chance to think creatively and get to know myself better. Her prompts are pretty fun! I’m a little behind but here’s Day 1—my autobiography in 250 words or less. So, welcome to my life in 248 words:

Katelyn Carroll Foster McWilliams Jr. was born in Texas to a teacher and a preacher. She cried all day every day the first week of kindergarten and did the same when she went to college. Texas was home until her parents uprooted her to Arizona. Funny how what she thought was the worst thing in life turned out to be the best thing in life. Katelyn grew up travelling the world thanks to her parents’ belief that travelling is the best education. She’s been to every inhabited continent and hopes to become a repeat offender…many times over.  Growing up she dabbled in flute, sported a mouthpiece on the soccer field, cried after every hair cut, worked in a sandwich shop and made the best friends in the world. As she headed to Baylor as a 3rd generation bear, she got past the crying stage and grew to love the university—graduating with more best friends and a journalism degree. Then came the 3 most challenging and rewarding years of her life as she took on two separate masters degrees at one time—Spanish and Divinity. At seminary she met a tall guy who had a fear of dating short girls, but somehow they worked out and said their vows in 2011. They now live in East Texas, as a teacher and a preacher, with their child-like bulldog, Opal, and try to live each day with authenticity and appreciation. Oh, and Jesus, he’s a part/whole of her story, too.



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