Day 2: Ruining Birthdays

Day 2’s Blog Every Day in May challenge is to educate you on something I’m good at. (Apparently I’m not good at not ending with a preposition.) I’m actually choosing to educate you in something on which I was unaware of my expertise until this week. It’s so fun finding out I have new talents! So without further adieu, I’m really good at ruining birthdays. photoWalker’s birthday was Wednesday, and according to all Pinterest standards, I failed.

I rocked it that morning as Opal and I retrieved kolaches and donuts for breakfast before he left for work, but that’s pretty much where the party stopped. There were no pendant banners, no decadent desserts, no balloons painting the ceiling and no presents. Ya, you heard correctly, no presents. He couldn’t think of anything he particularly wanted, and I couldn’t find anything he would gawk over. I searched the internet inside and out for a perfect gift but came up empty-handed, and I guess that means he did, too. One day we’ll find something he just has to have, and I’ll say happy birthday to him as I hand my debit card to the cashier.

I planned on going to lunch with him, but I fell asleep and slept through the lunch. What?!?! Then when perusing Target, I found the funniest card, snatched it up and took it home to sign. Too bad the inside said “Sorry we can’t be together on your birthday.” Oh my gosh, did I really forget to read the inside of the card before purchasing? Later in the afternoon I killed two birds with one stone–a trip to the mailbox while taking Opal to the bathroom.  In trying to control a puppy on a leash, I took a card from the mailbox, opened and read it. Without realizing, I had torn into his birthday card before he did. I guess I should have cooked a favorite meal to make up for my shortcomings, but we settled on Subway after church.

I’m thankful Walker only gets on Pinterest for gardening tips and technology finds and doesn’t know what he missed out on. I’m also thankful for a husband who responded with “No! You didn’t!” every time I muttered “I feel like I ruined your birthday.” But even aside from all social media standards, I still feel a tiny bit like a loser. So if you’re looking to throw an unmemorable birthday, follow my lead and all the steps above. photo


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