Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3 of Blog Every Day in May and I think I’m caught up! Today’s prompt is ‘things that make me uncomfortable.’ Well, to start, writing this post makes me a little uncomfortable as my biggest discomfort is probably vulnerability. The others making the list include:

Small talk

The chemicals in deoderant

People eating alone in restaurants

Transition eyeglasses

Talking on the phone

Feeling embarrassed for other people

Opal jumping on people and knocking them to the ground

Mark Driscoll

Not offering to help someone because they might take it offensively

All eyes on me or even a few eyes on me

Running into people you kind of know and not knowing if they remember you. Avoiding eye contact and then feeling guilty for not just saying a friendly hello. Everyone likes to be remembered!

The t.v. show My Strange Addiction…holy. cow.lazy bulldog


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