Why I Write

Blog Every Day in May day 4: A favorite quote and why you love it.

Sometimes I come across quotes that make me think ‘could this world get any cheesier?’ while others leave me inspired and some make me laugh. But every so often I find a quote that speaks well beyond the conviction to stop dreaming and start doing. Some quotes—like this simple one—dig straight into my being and say this is who you are.quoteI’m a writer.

People speak, others sing and some paint, but me—I write. I’ve been writing my whole life long, and a few people tell me I do it well. I studied journalism in undergrad and currently write freelance pieces, but why I really click the keys is a story of my existence. Most days, I write for survival, for my natural inclination is to stay silent. No one knows who I am, truly, without reading my writings. Not my husband, not my parents, not my closest friends—not even myself.

When I look in the rear view mirror and see a bicycle gang of children atop a hill, I start to feel. As their faces become dim silhouettes in the setting sun, the oranges and pinks of my emotions begin to weave in and out of concrete words, and my sensations are given meaning; and I write. And after having written, I finally understand that those fading silhouettes brought me back to a wonderful childhood while also reminding me it was over long ago.

Each time I write a piece I’m proud enough to share, a deep fear envelops me, and I worry I will never produce again. But then life happens, it always happens, and I write.

I write to understand the world, to make sense of who I am and to discover what it means to live. I write to help others share their stories and to remind us all that we are in this together. I write to be fully alive in my experiences and to allow the violinist in my mind to pluck strings from here and from there and compose a piece of who I am.

Somehow my vulnerability turns into bravery, and at last I feel free.

I write to allow myself to figure out what I believe, and sometimes, good writing helps others discover what they believe. It’s not always easy, in fact it never is, but some people dance and others teach, but me—I feel, I write, I find myself.


12 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Your writing is so beautiful. I love that quote because it is true, I write to discover what my deepest belief, i breathe when i write. Thank you for sharing

  2. Isn’t it sad how we always want someone else’s gift instead of just being thankful for what we have been given? That being said, wish I had your gift of writing lovely words on a page that speak directly to my heart. But I am very thankful that you share your gift with the world. And even more thankful that you are my friend!

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