Kale, Ginger, Celery, Oh My!


God help everyone who comes into contact with the McWilliams this week.

Take a look at our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next four days. In an effort to detox our bodies and start anew with a healthy lifestyle, we are embarking on a 4 day juice cleanse.

We expect nothing less than growling stomachs, some headaches, lots of gas and marital squabbles due to being hangry (hunger anger) followed by a renewed dedication to eating right and exercising. And if you think we’re dumb, you might want to wait until next week to tell us.

And you better believe, if all I’m eating is juice, I’m going to dress it up as pretty as possible. So, as Walker just declared, we are real live juicers!

mason jar juice


7 thoughts on “Kale, Ginger, Celery, Oh My!

  1. Yumm, yumm! So are the ingredients of this serving kale, ginger, & celery? Sounds interesting, and I will so look forward to further observations. I have read that this sort of activity is beneficial to one’s health, and I certainly encourage good health! I am really enjoying your May blog writing. You are definitely one on my favorite writers, and you ARE very good at it! Write On! With love, Gm

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    • The ingredients for my lunch today are a head of kale, 1 cucumber, 2 green apples, 1/2 a lemon, ginger root and 4 stalks of celery. It doesn’t taste that bad, but next time I think I’ll use a little less celery. We are trying a different recipe for each meal.

  2. What I have learned from juicing….1. Ginger makes every juice better 2. The green ones almost never taste good 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the advice! We made a green juice for lunch tomorrow that didn’t call for ginger, but we threw some in there anyway at your suggestion. And it worked!

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