Hey dishes, go clean yourself

Blog Every Day in May: A piece of advice you have for others.

Do I really have any advice to offer?

Um, here’s something I’ve been trying to do for myself, so I’ll pass it along and call it advice.

Lately I’ve been working to see things differently.

I’m not big on daily chores. Who is? So when I see our sink piled high with dirty dishes, I dread emptying the dishwasher and reloading it with the dirty. And then when it happens again the next day, I just ignore it. Until both sides are piled high. And then the dishes find their way to our counter. I finally moan and groan and get the job done, only frustrated that I’ll probably be doing it again tomorrow. And yes, I literally moan and groan.

It’s funny how such an easy task—seriously, how EASY is doing the dishes—can put me in a bad mood. Or make me feel inadequate because surely no one else has dishes taking over their kitchens, right? We don’t share pictures of our messy house and laundry piles, we Instagram photos of our gourmet meal and new vintage find. Maybe it’s time we just start being more honest….ok, tangent over.

So, I’m choosing to look at things differently these days. I’m choosing to see a pile of dirty dishes not as ugly but as beautiful. Beautiful because dirty dishes mean Walker and I have access to plenty of food—breakfast, lunch, dinner and SNACKS! Those cups stacked atop each other shows our excess of clean drinking water that we didn’t walk miles to retrieve. Mountains of dishes mean Walker and I have dined with each other on the regular and possibly with friends, too. Dirty dishes represent something beautiful not obnoxious.photoI guess the advice falls in choosing to see the beauty in something that could so easily be called unpleasant. Finding thankfulness in the mundane tasks that can sometimes bring us down. Or maybe I actually am the only one who gets annoyed at these things, in which case you should all be offering me advice. Now, if I could only see it this way when it comes to laundry…


7 thoughts on “Hey dishes, go clean yourself

  1. Great advice, that yes does apply to every single chore we have. Here is another way to look at dishes. I also detest washing dishes but you see I actually have to hand wash every single glass, plate, pan, plastic storage devise, piece of flatware, etc. because there is not an electric dishwasher in my home. Now I will see this chore as a thing of beauty and a time for my husband of 27 years and I to bond and share time together enjoying the mundane. Life is short finding beauty in every event is essential to living abundantly.

  2. hahaha Clever!! I am right there with you on those dishes. I’ve been pretty good so far in the new house but they could get AWFUL in the old one. But maybe you’re right. Just see the beauty in the unpleasant, dig deep to get its true meaning. I wonder if the hubs-sauce will buy it… 😉

  3. Wow. If that’s your dirty dishes, I’m jealous. =). My dirty dishes seem to reproduce over night on their own and start crawling upon counter tops and fall to the floor.

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