A morning walk

I went on a walk this morning just because I could. I set out for no particular reason, but as one foot stepped in front of the other I began to snap pictures with my phone. Raw, unedited photos, because why do we try so hard to make things beautiful when they already are? None out of the ordinary but all extraordinary. I walked just because I could. And I found beauty, just because I could. Because life is short and we know that now.

I found branches and leaves and petals so small. And decades gone by. I found fur with wide eyes who I thanked for finding me so enchanting, too. There were cracks in sidewalks and flowers called weeds. As I looked around I snapped and I snapped with each step more brisk, eager to find more. And then…20130510-100214.jpg

And then I stopped. I turned around to re-walk the path I had just taken. Because surely there were things I had missed. Like two functioning legs and a meaningful logo on the side of a recycling bin. We can save this earth if we want to. I found two Mormon missionaries and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my LDS friends from home. For all they taught me. For all they continue to teach me.

As the raindrops began to sprinkle down, I ran. I pulled my hair down from its ponytail and let it blow behind me. And I snapped, still. Unsteady and wavering but click, click, click. I remembered that even when life seems busy or hard and races by, there is beauty to find at our choosing. It might be blurry and our eyes might need sharpenening, but it’s there. Anchored.

I kept running. My lungs said no but my spirit said yes and I ran. Sprinted. Because I could. Stopping only for a car that I waved hello to. And as my eyes moved toward the sky the gray became blue, and there were colors all around. Green and blue. Life and water.


My legs gave out as I reached 3708. My walk was short and my run was hard, but I found beauty in it. Raw, unedited beauty. Life is short and we know that now. But there is always life and water.



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