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Blog Every Day in May: Most embarrassing moment. Spill.

Senior year of college I went to a Baylor football game with friends. It was hot. I hadn’t eaten. I fainted and did somersaults down the flight of stairs in the student section. I tumbled for a good 6 to 8 rows, and when I regained consciousness I drank from a stranger’s water bottle, pulled all of my hair in front of my face and hobbled to the concession area underneath the stadium… alone.

I have no idea how many people saw my acrobatics that day, but I still envision an entire section of green and gold gawking with each roll. Some whispering ‘oh, I hope she’s ok’ while others say ‘I think that girl was in my speech class.’ The worst part was I knew they all felt sorry for me.

And that’s all I will say about that, as I still cringe when I think about it 5 years later.


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