The Ramirez Family

We probably just experienced the most emotion-filled weekend of our lives. We drove to Waco Thursday night to start the celebration for Casey and Brittany’s wedding. Five minutes after arriving, we received a shocking call that our good friend had become very ill. Our friend Seth flew in from Canada to perform the welcoming part of the ceremony since Brittany’s dad was officiating but needed to walk her down the aisle. On Friday night at 10:30, Seth received a phone call that a student in his college ministry had suddenly died. He flew back to Canada the next morning. Casey and Brittany asked me to fill in for Seth, leaving me incredibly honored and beyond terrified. But all went well and I did great. The wedding was wonderful, and we rejoiced with the new Ramirez family as Walker stood beside him as best man. Plus there was a giant vat of banana pudding! Sunday morning we drove to Lufkin to drop off precious Opal and then made our way to Houston to be with our good friend. At 8 last night we pulled back into our driveway- physically and emotionally spent. Exhausted in every sense of the word.

We don’t feel old enough to have weekends like this. We rotated between laughter and tears and sometimes both at once. Simply said, it was a hard, hard weekend. But looking at these pictures I see just how good it was, too. We have the best support system known to man. Our friends bring such joy to our lives, and we are so thankful for this short little seminary reunion. We couldn’t be happier for Casey and Brittany, and when y’all get back from Mexico, I hope you see just how privileged we felt to be a part of your special day. Here’s to more reunions!

Here’s a few of our random, posed and slightly blurry pics from the weekend! reunitedjaredbesties3bestiesbesties1welcomemcwilliamsflowerschrisbestmanbristersboyzcake


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