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Blog Every Day inBlog May: 10 things that make me really happy.

We are wearily driving home from Houston as I’m writing this post, so Walker offered to help me out tonight. His suggestions…Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Opal. Off the top of my head, here are 10 things that make me happy, but definitely not the only things that make me really happy.breakfast

Being warm Walking outside from a cold restaurant, standing in the sun after being in a chilly classroom, taking a bath on a winter day or grabbing a blanket on the couch.

Reunions  Whether it be with family or friends or with Walker when he gets home from work, I love reuniting with people. They can live close or they can live far. I might see them every day or once a year. It’s all good.

Naps  A deep sleep in the middle of the afternoon is an every-so-often freedom I am happy to take advantage of.

Traveling  Cultures and people and history and architecture. Down the road or across the sea. Put me in a new place, learning new things and experiencing a new way of life.


A good deal Like this new shirt for $9.80!!

Encouragement  To and from everyone. Let’s all do this a little bit more.

Laughter  I’ve tried lately to laugh at even the stupidest of jokes as long as they aren’t cruel, but gosh, give me brilliant humor and I’m set for a while.

A dress with pockets Um, duh.

Babies  They have soft skin and fat rolls, who doesn’t love babies?


Bonus  The truth is, Walker had something going on with his input. Most of his silly jokes and commentaries make me really happy. So does his constant support and thoughtfulness. And then there’s Opal whose grumpy faces and sassy struts can instantly turn a bad day good. Not to mention those times when she falls asleep on me, and it’s exponentially more exciting than it should be. Cuddling with all three of us together, that’s what makes me really happy. But y’all probably knew this already…

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6 thoughts on “happy happy joy joy

  1. is there a blog prompt about your favorite black person?…cuz I think we all know I am due a tribute. Wasn’t mentioned on this one…it’s cool. make it up to me.

    • haha, maybe i’ll come up with my own blog every day in june prompts. each day will be something new i love about you. i’ll get to work on that right now. starting with my favorite israel quotes.

    • yep! on the ‘these are the days of our lives’ post i tried out the new app. it’s fun!! the rest of my posts that have writing or arrows were done in photoshop.

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