Blog Every Day in May:  Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

I’m not big on picking favorites. Color, food, movie…I can never choose. I’m naturally an includer. So, here are 5 blogs I love to read but definitely only some of my faves. And I certainly didn’t choose any people I know, because I’m the girl who would have to bend the rules and literally list every single person I know with any kind of online diary- including high school Xanga accounts.

So without further adieu, here are 5 blogs that inspire, entertain and consume way too much of my time.

love taza blogRockstar Diaries/ Love Taza

Duh, who doesn’t love this blog? If there’s a queen of blog land, I’d say she’s it. And what’s not to love? She focuses on the little things in life that make her and her family so happy while also not being afraid to admit that life is life and not always perfect. Her pictures are lovely and her style impeccable. This blog is creative, authentic and inspiring.

a beautiful mess blogA Beautiful Mess

Again, one of the most popular blogs out there, but for good reason. These girls are obviously super creative but also intelligent and hardworking professionals. I’m obsessed with their home decor and want to copy everything they do. I love their bright colors and unique personalities. Just read it!

the girl most likely blogThe Girl Most Likely 

I love this blog! Her style is always inspiring (seriously, it’s perfect) but I also find her to be hilarious and so talented. Plus, I’m a sucker for their dog. She’s in love with her family and I’m in love with her Sunday Family Photos.

across the pond blogAcross the Pond

I just found this one but am enjoying it so far. Who doesn’t want to live vicariously through a couple living in Europe. I love the way she writes- funny, honest, captivating.

jamie the very worst missionaryJamie the Very Worst Missionary

This is a semi-new to me, too, but I really enjoy hearing her ideas. She’s definitely not the typical ‘missionary’ and I that’s what I love. She’s real. She’s hilarious. She’s brilliant. She writes about things I think about all the time but would never be allowed to say, but also introduces me to knew ideas to ponder.

So there you have it. 5 of many blogs I love. And with that being said, I’m feeling like a major, major creeper right about now…


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