Cheer ’em on!

Blog Every Day in May, Day 22: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

My vision for this space is to document an honest account of our life- to focus on the joy life brings while also being true to reality. The reality that life isn’t always as pretty as edited photos and crafted words. Here on this blog we choose to remember all of the emotions and circumstances that life presents, even the tough ones. But overall, I try to keep it positive, so I don’t feel comfortable or have any desire to rant. I’ve got people in my life that occassionally get an ear-full, but I’m not going to make you become those people!

So today, I choose not to rant. I choose to RAVE!

Cheer ’em on Round Deux!!

Husband, we might be the couple that is more likely to sarcastically make fun of each other rather than publicly ooh and aah over one another, but we just call it affection. So in rare form (and somewhat nervous/way to vulnerable for my comfort zone form) I will share with the world (or 81 followers) just a little bit of why I love you.

You get more excited than any person I know. Whether it be seeing new sights on a trip, bowling a strike or simply driving by a Chicken Express, you muster more enthusiasm than most people do over the birth of a baby. You make me laugh even when I try my hardest not to enjoy your jokes. With your job you don’t always make everyone happy, and let’s be honest- some people are just always mad at you, but you still manage to treat them with genuine kindness every day. You’re willing to say the first ‘I’m sorry’ even when I’m obviously the one at fault and you’re beyond loving to  your family, my family, our family. You cry at commercials, call all of my girlfriends your ‘ladies’ and even though you’re verbal with your feelings, you accept and support that I’m nonverbal. You’re always the first to help a stranger in need and you give so generously even when I’m like ‘put that money back in your pocket.’ So, Walker, I support you, I’m proud of you and I’m cheering you on! popsicles in the parkpopsicles in the park 2popsicles in the park 3popsicles in the park 4

Go cheer someone on today. It’ll make their day. And yours.


5 thoughts on “Cheer ’em on!

  1. Who better to “rave” about than your own sweet husband! Can’t go wrong there! Thank you for all the inspiration you provide for me. Gm

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  2. Helol Katelyn and Walker as he was pictured in he article.

    I could rant about a lot of things but I chose rather to rave and encourage one person this week.
    That person is Peter commonly called Petey by me. We have been on a roller coaster ride since the middle of March and for those of you who know me you are probably aware that I am bit flighty, impulsive,……….. I could go on but I chose to stop there because any further comment could………………….well you know. and if you don’t well it is better that way,

    Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in March Peter has been my strength, my encouragement, my calm response when all I want to do is scream. Peter has accompanied me to every doctors appointment to listen and retain information that I might have got confused or forgot all together. He has been my listener and my adviser. I don’t think I could have done this without him and when the decision came to have a bi-lateral mastectomy there he was supporting me and explaining to me why it was the right thing to do for me (not him) me.Two days before surgery when the mind plays tricks on you and I asked him again Are we doing the right thing? The immediate response from Petey was absolutely without hesitation.

    So here we are past that hurdle and with confidence and assurance we go forward.
    I can’t explain the relief I feel now.

    I should also mention here that God needs some accolades also.
    I am very humbled by the way God has gone before me/us at every turn and battle and given me/us both strength and peace..
    We have seen prayer after prayer answered. The day after my diagnosis God gave me a verse which assured me that I would be OK. Check out Mark 5:34
    “Daughter – because you dared to believe, …….go in peace.

    Let’s give God a BRAVO
    Thankyou God

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