Pancakes kill

Thursday’s Blog Every Day in May: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you.

If your car smells like syrup, it’s not an advertising scheme from Aunt Jemima or an added blessing from the dealership. It’s a poisonous gas leaking from the heater core. One time in grad school my car started smelling like syrup. We’re talking ‘wow, that smells so good they should make it a candle scent’ or ‘oh my gosh! let’s go to Ihop right now for pancakes.’ I let the aroma fill my car just like I would let the smell of baking cookies fill my kitchen…for months. Most people commented on how good my ‘air freshener’ smelled while others just thought it was strange. Only after a few too many trips to Ihop (yes, seriously) and a good dose of curiosity did I think to google the cause. A harmful, poisonous gas leak that needs immediate attention. I’m sure I’ll end up dying 10 years early from those months of exposure, but it sure did provoke a healthy appetite.20130525-215629.jpg


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