What an uplifting topic

Blog Every Day in May, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits.

1. I judge the judgmental. I tend to be pretty open-minded, until I happen upon someone who is not, and then I judge them. So maybe I should start judging myself?

2. Hard on myself. If I forget to smile at a stranger, say something that is misunderstood, don’t do my best on an assignment or get behind on these blog posts, I can spend a whole day beating myself up.

3. Sometimes without meaning to, in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone I decide if I will be friends with a person or not. Some of my greatest friends are people I thought I wouldn’t be friends with. Glad I have friends in my life that are much better better people than me.20130525-223227.jpg

^^how this post makes me feel^^

BONUS: I might not survive a zombie apocalypse. With Stacia currently in town, Walker and her have been engrossed in The Walking Dead. All the while I sit there too, loudly professing that I don’t want to watch another minute. But minutes go by and so did 6 episodes. Walker declared I would absolutely not be on his team should zombies begin to take over. Stacia said she’d think about it, and they’ve been making me prove myself all weekend. Ah, it feels good to be a maybe!


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