Blog Every Day in May, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad).a pug's guide to etiquetteGrowing up, a lady in my church once told me I had a pug nose. A nose like a pug. When I think of a pug, I picture a smushed, wet, turned-up nose that barely allows air to go in an out. A nose that snorts. The lady meant no harm and even went on to explain that I had a cute nose, but I will definitely never forget it. Whenever I think of myself, I picture a pug nose. I have no idea if I actually have one or not, but I just assume I do because of that comment.

I tried really hard to think of something else for this post, but in the end this memory just kept coming back to me. So I figured this would be the most honest answer I could give.

I found this book over the weekend in Urban Outfitters and took a pic for my pug-loving parents (maybe that’s why they love me? for my nose?). I guess I’d better get to reading!


3 thoughts on “Nosey

  1. you are just hilarious most days! I love your blog and that is remarkable you found that book to go with your memory:)

  2. This gave me a really good chuckle, Katelyn! Write on. I thought you handled this so well! (A pug nose?? No way!). With love, Gm

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