What’s better than reuniting after 6 years? Not much. Has it really been 6 years since I’ve been to Spain? Unacceptable. My friend, Alessandra, moved to Dallas 2 weeks ago from Madrid, and I had the pleasure of being her lunch date on Friday. We’ve kept in touch over the years but I loved getting details of her life, talking about our fun summer together and hearing about her plans for the future. When I was leaving Madrid for the summer in 07, Brad and I had a goodbye dinner with Alessandra. She told me she thought I was a little strange because I was so quiet at first, but I  grew on her as the days went by (a common/accurate opinion of people that know me). And thank goodness! I’m so glad to call her friend, and our 2 hours together made me so happy. Lame word, but so true. I’m just so impressed by the person she is. I was then and am now. Grateful to have you closer and counting the days til our next rendezvous! aless^^Isn’t she beautiful?!^^thai food^^Overjoyed to get my fill of food we don’t quite have in Lufkin^^urban outfitters^^I had a pretty difficult time getting us both in the picture. There’s tons more^^urban^^So we went with this!^^aless and katelyn^^Such a happy reunion^^


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