Shooter and Kellen

big jumpSung to the tune of We are We are youth of a nation– We are We aaaaare Stacia and Katelyn! Yes, our friendship has a theme song. Shooter came to visit last weekend, and it. was. wonderful.shooter and kellen 3On arriving to pick Stacia up from the DFW airport, I was quite possibly in the worst mood of my adult life. I’d sent Walker this text, “When I get home I am buying a new GPS. And I’m throwing this one out the window while driving on a highway. I will then search for its landing spot. Find it. Run over it, back up and run over it again. All while screaming, ‘How do you like that GPS? How do you like that?'”jump 2jump1jump 3As she got in my car and I declared my mood of epic proportions, she quickly said, “That’s ok. We can sit in silence.” Of course, I knew we wouldn’t, but knowing we really could sit in non-awkward silence after having not seen each other in months, man, that’s friendship. Soon enough my frustration turned into giggles and we merrily made our trek and kellen 2zombieStacia has got to be the most laid-back person I know. We spent our weekend eating too much, like a gross amount, followed by less showering and more napping/t.v. watching. Unashamedly. We always tell people to stay with us if  looking for a weekend of relaxation.  She got Walker way too invested in The Walking Dead, and we had fun doing even the silliest things. There was time for a little party, a soccer game with Opal, a town tour and a stop by the local coffee shop for 3 non-coffee drinkers.cuddleWith Shooter, you don’t always have to be doing something. You just have to be. She’ll keep you entertained, create laughter from the goofiest things and put you at ease with some random tidbit of information. She’ll even explain things about accounting that go way over your head, but say it’s confusing to her, too, just to make you feel somewhat less inferior. Deloitte forever! And she’s my moneymaker who will pay for Opal’s knee surgery if necessary. So, thanks for befriending me in 5th grade and for always making me feel special. You are very special to me. To us. Come back soon, please! But sorry, you still can’t be on my zombie fighting team. It’s for the elite only. feetStacia will be 95 and still wearing her Rainbows.


3 thoughts on “Shooter and Kellen

  1. What a friend! Many people are not blessed to have one like yours, but I do and I can totally relate to your whole post from beginning (being angry @ the GPS to Stacia still wearing her rainbows @ age of 95, except my friend will be wearing her birkenstocks:)

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