Glen + Deb

Well, I survived a weekend with my parents as we all ventured to Temple for a wedding. This time they inconsiderately threw me on the couch of their hotel room for two nights. The same couch I was sleeping on when my mom literally plopped on top of my half-awake body and sang ‘Good morning to you.’ She even taught me two more versus. This was, oh you know, after I had spent the whole night listening to her rain app that helps her sleep. You’re thinking gentle sprinkles and soothing lulls, right? Wrong. I’m talking thunderstorms and offbeat rhythms. Then there was dad who kept calling himself the star of the wedding since he was officiating. And who then did his own rendition of the cupid shuffle at the wedding. All by himself. Outside.

But they are my parents, and as I get older I’m realizing these types of things are what I love most about them. We don’t get to see each other all too often, but when we do there is sure to be laughter and quirky memories made. This time it was our family workout in a room without airflow while my dad used the exercise bike and took pictures of his legs. Or my mom whose utmost frustration in life is drying her hair in Texas humidity.

It’s always nice to have a weekend where I get to feel like a kid-dult…a kid in the form of an adult. I didn’t have to worry about paying for food or making decisions. I was just along for the ride. In the backseat like old times. Thanks for the shopping trip and the gas money! Come back soon. Or fly me to Tucson. I’m in either way! Even if I do get reminded to stop at the clearly visible upcoming stop sign…mom and dadmoms and pops mom and dad 2jumpingApparently this is what my dad (who officiated the ceremony) thinks about marriage.


12 thoughts on “Glen + Deb

  1. K~
    I had to jump on this right away. Thank you so much for making a rather hum-drum Monday in the office a very lively one! Now if I can just get your dad to dance for us all….

    Thank you for the enjoyment, as always! Love the pictures.

    Carmen :o)

  2. I want to shrink your dad down and put him in my pocket. Then i want to take him out to dance for me on cloudy days or sad days…I want to hear your mom call me “daughter” again. I love my Foster parents. So.dang.cute. That pic where he is humping your mom’s leg needs to be on a church mail-out inviting folks to Sunday worship.

  3. your parents are so cute! I am so glad you enjoy each other’s company! I miss mine so much! Really love your posts Katelyn!!

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