A Sunday Really Funday

Kenny and Amanda came to visit us last weekend, and we are big time missing them. They brought their boat down so we could all spend a day on Lake Rayburn catching and releasing fish. Some of us got caught, too. Ok, it was me. I stepped on a hook, and Kenny had to perform a ‘trick’ to get it out. But all is well and they didn’t throw me back in the water.

The guys were longing to see an alligator, and sadly we came up empty handed. And by sadly, I mean Amanda and I were madly cheering from the inside out. BUT we did see two bald eagles! And one of them may or may not have been flying an American flag from his talons. Let freedom ring.

The three of them formed the ‘cool club’ as they sported their fishing shirts. I’d like to say they were gracious about my role as an outsider, but one of them…oh husband of mine…kept rubbing it in my sunscreened face.  So, I will proudly announce that I caught a bigger fish than him, and since this is my blog, he has no say in the matter. We wore my iphone battery down to the ground with the 90-something pictures we snapped.

Kenny was right. It was awesome. We laughed constantly at things that now remain as inside jokes among the four of us. We marveled at nature and gained insight on new subjects. We relaxed for hours and allowed our worries to drift away. And we floated to shore as the setting sun outlined our tired silhouettes. The sun was down and the day was over but the joy, energy and life taken away will sustain us for some time, until we meet again.

“Don’t worry, guys. It wasn’t a fish.”


One thought on “A Sunday Really Funday

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog with your refreshing experiences!

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