Just wanting to remember what it felt like to see Opal after a month. Her cankles and snorts and sweet little sighs. We’ve missed her sassy self. Some might say too much. They might base this on our date to PetSmart the night before so we could inconspicuously find random dogs to love on. We looked through bulldog magazines and found her some cute little rain booties she might get next time we feel we deserve a treat…because they sure aren’t a treat to her. I can’t wait to video those first few steps. She’s ours again. All ours. And I say  we’ve missed her just enough. 20130803-121928.jpg20130803-122006.jpg20130803-122228.jpg


4 thoughts on “♥♥♥♥

  1. Hey Katelyn, where has she been? I would ask you at church tomorrow, but I am going to be on my way to New Braunfels for a week of fun and the river!

    • She’s been in Granbury with Walker’s parents. We were gone on youth trips for so much of July we had to hand her over for the whole month. But she loves it there. They have two lab mixes so the three of them just play and play and play.

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