Yo, this is who I am.

Day one of Blogtember, answering the prompt, “Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.”

I’m 3 days behind! So, it’s taking everything in me not to answer this prompt the way I’d like– my mother’s womb– and move on. But I will try because my name is Katelyn and that’s what I do. To keep my priorities straight, I’ve made a plan. I’m giving myself 20 minutes to write, 3  to edit and 2 for a quick pic. My attempt at a stream of consciousness, I suppose. Here I go…Let’s see what happens.

I come from a small town where I claim my roots run deep. The kind where everyone knows everyone, and who still treat you as family even after you’ve been gone for 17 years. I come from a big city that celebrates the desert sunset and where Saguaros reach into clear blue skies. The place whose beauty I never appreciated until I was breathing the dry air only on bi-annual visits. A place that watched me grow and leave and often wish I was back.

OH, and baby quail. I come from a place where baby quail run across the road.

I come from parents who always encourage me to be myself while also expecting the very best from me. Who have given me every opportunity I could ask for. Who have taught me to joke and show compassion to all.  Who put others before themselves and have learned it well from their parents. I come from a Grandmother who has afforded me academics and travel and who instills in me an appreciation of the past, of where I come from. And a Gobble who cooked the best rice in the world, taught me chicken foot, and let me call her ‘gangsta.’ Both would do anything. For anyone. And grandfathers I never really knew, but whose legacies of kindness and giving live on through their children. From aunts and uncles who treat me as their own.

I come from friends who are more like the brothers and sisters I never had. Friends who call my parents when I’m too upset to do so. And still other friends who fly in from out of state to be with me during my upset-ness. Friends who know how to laugh like it’s their job and who stop what they’re doing to lend a listening ear.

I come from opportunities. From flying on planes since before I could walk and experiencing different cultures so many times. From sitting under teachers and next to the best and brightest. From lending a helping hand and being lent two.

I come from a faith that says life will never be perfect but there is always joy. That I will never be perfect but I will always be loved. That says great is thy faithfulness when my faith is not so great.

I come from a life full of grace. In every way imaginable.

Holy whoa. That was a lot of writing really fast. Sorry for any typos and grammar whoopsies in there. I surely mixed up a few ‘who’ and ‘whom’ s!


Isn’t this just the coolest picture? It’s of my Big Daddy, no idea where or when, but I’m sure my grandmother would like to tell me! Pretty please.


3 thoughts on “Yo, this is who I am.

  1. Good job, Katelyn! I really like the way you “capsuled” so beautifully ‘who you are’ at this point in your life! The picture you included of Big Daddy so surprised and pleased me. That picture was made in Edinburgh, Scotland, in December 1977. We flew to London after Christmas and spent about ten days. While there we took a fast train to Scotland and spent some time seeing the sights. I made this picture of him in downtown Edinburgh. I always felt that you & Big Daddy had close connections for each other. : ) Write on! With love, Grandmother

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