¡ Por Favor !

Blogtember 2: If you could take 3 months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

madrid map 1This is easy for me. Maybe somewhat selfish, but easy. Walker and I would settle ourselves in a cozy Madrid apartment as our home base. White walls textured with all things retro are highlighted by rays of natural light pouring in from the window with a view. Somewhere in the apartment sit two plain desks littered with plants and a computer for each, where I write and he edits photos.windowMy words and his pictures spring from daily trips to the market, evening walks on city streets, people watching on the metro, picnics in Retiro, and twice daily trips to the panadería and pastelería. I’d introduce him to friends who would become his, too, and take him to the church so dear to my heart. I fell in love with that city and I want to experience it with the one I love. madrid buildingsWe’d live a slow life in a fast city for three months, soaking up everything it has to offer on our own time. Every now and then we would adventure to other European cities, with Santorini being at the top of that list. And maybe Morocco, too. (Yes, I know that’s not in Europe.)metropolisAnd If we’re living in a perfect world, family and friends would come visit after realizing they have a free place to stay. And they’d be there as long as their travel-hungry hearts desire, but they better be ready to get their picture taken.retiro parkAll pictures were found here  1, 2, 3, 4, 5. How sad that my own pictures from Spain, both trips, sit on a computer that won’t turn on and a hard drive lost in a move. I guess I need to take some more!


3 thoughts on “¡ Por Favor !

  1. Por favor indeed! You would make me SO happy if you did this, plus I really want to meet Walker! I miss you so much.

    PS.: I’ll be sending something your way soon-ish.

    • I’m working on it! Not for 3 months, but I’m trying to get us there for a vacation next summer! Cross your fingers. You’re sending me something?!?! PS It’s almost your birthday 🙂

      • REALLY?! This just made my day! And yes, be expecting something in a short while! (though I kinda need your address in order for this to happen haha).

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