Plan B

Blogtember 3Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

This advice has almost become something of a joke in our family, not because we don’t believe it, but because we have to remind ourselves so often. There is always a Plan B. 

I’m pretty sure it all started with my Grandmother, and now we have notepads and refrigerator magnets and lots of inside jokes reminding us to stop freaking out and remember there’s always another way. Things might not turn out the way we’d like, but it doesn’t mean life is over. I have to remind myself of this all. the. time. I’m no expert at always seeing Plan B, but in the past year or so I’ve tried to embrace it. There are still tears and worry and disappointment, but Plan B says calm down, take a breath and remember that the end of Plan A wasn’t the end of me.

I think, too, that it’s more than just a reaction. It’s also preparation. Being aware that tough times do come in surprising ways, and knowing there is life even so. I guess Plan B isn’t much of a plan at all, it’s more of an attitude and approach to life. Here’s to Plan B! Now go get yourself a refrigerator magnet to remind you!Beautiful-Yet-Inspiring-Typography-Design-Poster-Quotes-2Source


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