For the love of phones

Blogtembera self portrait.self portrait

I love my iPhone. I do. It let’s me stay connected to my people, provides a steady stream of entertainment and gives me a sense of security when I’m lost and alone.  Not to mention it captures FUN moments like this one earlier today!

Tonight Walker and I pulled over to snap our portraits for Blogtember (a day late of course) with our phones, and then we put them away. And it felt so good. This wasn’t our first phone-free date, but each time I get a little apprehensive at the beginning. What if I need my phone?! What if somebody needs me?!

Thanks to some good friends we went to see Rhythmic Circus, a tap dancing – band performance that was out of this world. Our attention was focused on every single click of the heel, and during intermission we focused on each other. It was an incredible show. Even my non-dancing husband caught the fever as he (seriously) tap danced all the way back to the truck weaving in and out of the traffic.

As we pulled our our phones back out at the end of the night, we had no text messages, no notifications, nothing. Nobody needed us. There was no social media that just couldn’t wait (there never is). It was a night of us needing each other, and throwing away any distractions that might get in the way. I love you, iPhone, but I love people more. You will be making less and less appearances on the daily. I choose real- life interaction over status updates and Instagram likes. Let’s do today all over again tomorrow.



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