Kelsey’s Surprise Birthday Day

Blogtember: Only photossurprisegirls peacesodahearthelmetchocolatelenshenrysbooksgroupwalking


6 thoughts on “Kelsey’s Surprise Birthday Day

  1. I just love getting to see the happy occasions in your and Walker’s life! Thank you So Much for sharing them! Beautiful , vibrant people enjoying wonderful occasions! With love, Gm

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  2. Thanks Katelyn for sharing these great pics of you and Walker ( I love the one of him with the helmet on!) and 4 of my favorite members of your “gang!” Sure do miss them all sooooo much! Happy Birthday Kelsey!

  3. Happy to see a bit of NH in these photos…Maple cream soda from the Squamscott bottling Co in Newfields! …Anything maple is always better from NH…Not Vermont, not Canada…don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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