Happy Birthday! Mother Dearest!

mommaHappy birthday Debbie Foster! Whom I affectionately call Mom!

Here’s hoping you get to wake up early and go to bed by 7 p.m., thus making it a wonderful day for you! In honor of your special day, I might eat chicken breast or broccoli for dinner tonight. But probably not. Thanks for double octuple checking my passport location and molding me into the most cautious traveler around. And for spoiling me with shopping trips and sushi dates even in adulthood! You’ve shown me what it means to work hard, to laugh a lot, to appreciate different cultures, to write thank-you notes and to think every little animal is cute.  I gave it to dad on his birthday, so I will give it to you on yours. For today and today only, you are the funniest member of the family. Enjoy your 24 hours!

To the woman who taught me about showing mercy to all people in every situation, except when it came to the soccer field, happy birthday!!

Love you!

Katie Carroll


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Mother Dearest!

  1. Happy birthday, Foster Mom!!!!! You are Loved and awesome. Whip your head back and forth today and do a dance in the kitchen.

  2. Katie Carroll and Mo – yes indeed – i will do the kitchen dance – just for the two of you. 🙂 Thanks for the birthday wishes and blog. Picture and words brought back great memories – Hope you ate your chicken breast and broccoli tonight. 🙂

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