Now & Then

mom1While cleaning out a closet at my parents’ house this summer, I found a dress my mom wore in the 70s. I immediately claimed it as mine. Sadly, mother dearest was a member of a rather wild and crazy teaching sorority back in her day (shout out to Delta Kappa Gamma), and a huge punch stain was visible to the naked eye. Nothing a small alteration couldn’t fix, and now I have a dress that means so much to me.

Walker took some pictures of me in the frock, and I gave them to my mom for her birthday this week so she can frame us side by side. I loved creating this keepsake. It’s a fun dress with an even more special significance. Here’s how the pictures turned out!k5k6twirlk2front to backk copyThanks for the pics, husband!


5 thoughts on “Now & Then

  1. I love getting to see your mother in a formal dress in the 1970’s and to see her daughter in the same dress in 2013–43 years later! A very creative presentation! Write on, Gm

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  2. Great photos – looking so good in the styles of yesteryear – beautiful scenery in East Texas

  3. Great job Katelyn It looks great and we spoke to your mum and dad today and your mum loves that you love the dress
    Hope you are enjoying teaching and say hi to Walker
    Love Judy and Peter

  4. Oh wow! Both you and your mom look like models… simply gorgeous!
    And I wish I could have Walker’s photography skills 🙂
    I loved this post. You and your family are great!

    Much love from Madrid

    • Aw, thanks, Marta girl! And you are a great photographer! I’ve seen your pics! How about someday soon we take a picture with both you and me in it?! Miss you!

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