Welcome to the Bunny Club

This is the Bunny ClubProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAnd we gained a new member last weekend. Our third male to be inducted. makeupMiss Alyssa became Mrs. Schmeider, and we had way too much fun reuniting in AZ and celebrating her new marriage with Joey. I think we’re all a little sad the long-awaited weekend together is over. photo-4The weekend was filled with details galore, as Alyssa the dream chaser not only works for the American Cancer Society but also owns her own events planning company. Everyone involved had such a good time. She’s one of those people that’s always, and I mean always, looking out for others. On this weekend, the weekend she’s allowed to make all about herself, she was constantly taking care of everyone else. That’s just who she is. She loves a lot. And Alyssa, we love you a lot.best day everAs I watched Joey and Alyssa leave together for our junior prom, I’m absolutely sure I never imagined them getting married 10 years down the road. But as a testament to hard work, devotion, sacrifice and sometimes unconventional ways, that’s just what these two did. It couldn’t be more uplifting to see their journey come to this point of marriage, and to walk alongside them as they forge a new path together.  photo 1Now, if you’d asked me 10 years ago if I thought the Bunny Club would still be around today, watching each other get married and pushing through life together, my young little self would have said “DUH.” I might not have known the kinds of circumstances life would bring us or how far away we would end up from one another, but there was never a doubt in my mind that we’d stick it through, this thing called friendship, for the long run–for life. And that’s what we’ve done. From middle school to high school, through college and now young-adulthood, we’ve waded through life together, listened to each other, flown across the country and played phone tag for 6 months. We’ve celebrated in new jobs and marriages and moves, and we’ve comforted in doubt and uncertainty and disappointments. There have been big gestures and small texts messages, but I think they key to our friendship is really much simpler. We’ve never thought about not being friends. Through distance, and the bigger kicker–busyness, letting go has never been an option. We’re friends, and that’s just the way it is. So basically all this rambling is just to say how thankful I am for this set of girls and their families, too. A giant fist pump for 15 years of friendship, and a raise the roof to many more! photo-7I really wish I’d taken more pictures, but I was just too busy enjoying my friends. Until May, Bunny Club, until May.photo-2


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bunny Club

  1. On the way home from the wedding I commented to your mom that for four girls who were friends in high school to be in each other’s weddings this many years later is extremely unique…even talked about it in the next day’s sermon. You four are special…to each other and to me.

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