Lufkin snow dayI’d like to think the reason behind my month long hiatus from this space was due to my confession of having toe fungus in my last post, but the truth revealed probably lies more in the month of January itself. The first month of 2014 has been an inexplicable blend of emotions. The kind where laughter or tears strike in any moment. In the same moment.

But as I sit here and write very late thank-you cards to some freaking awesome people, I’ve realized it’s February 1. We made it. And so now I’ll blog about that month I didn’t want to blog about, if not only because it’s a part of our story.

Before Walker and I left Tucson the four of us felt our hearts break as we put our 13-year old dog, Yoda, to sleep. Minutes later I took one last look at the the house I grew up in before my parents move across town. We found ourselves back in Lufkin only being forced to buy a new washer and dryer but how trivial the stress of appliance shopping would soon seem.

On January 14, Walker kissed Lizzie on her forehead and I stroked her cheek as we left her hospice room that night. In the early morning hours of January 15, Lizzie passed away. And as thankful as we are that her suffering is no more, we miss her. Through the many times as I’ve written and erased my thoughts about her, I’ve come to accept that although I know they will return, right now my words have been stolen by grief.

But this is where it feels confusing. Because we look back on January and remember such wonderful times, too. The Fiesta Bowl followed by a day with friends in Ft. Worth was a pretty decent way to start the year. Opal turned 2 and my dad made it to SIXTY! I was able to attend Danielle’s shower for soon to be baby Evie all while getting to see a bunch of friends. Baby Landon made his 6 lb. appearance in this world and we spent most of our days with Jared. I caught bronchitis and not the flu, so that’s a Super Bowl win in my opinion.

So many emotions unexpectedly given life in 31 days left us feeling exhausted and constantly trying to catch up. But as we move into February, our heartbeats grow steadier and our breaths more relaxed. We can look back at January knowing that if we have lost, it means we have loved. And for us, that’s enough.

Plus we had snow. Twice!Play in snow 2Lufkin snowOpal in snowLufkin snow ball


2 thoughts on “January

  1. Greetings Katelyn
    We share your feelings well, as they seem to cycle through our lives time and time again. Sometimes things hurt so much you wonder how you will get through the next day – you just numb up and go through in a daze and then other things happen and you feel every thing is so good. So our thoughts are with you.
    David and Simone’s baby is due tomorrow – they are putting Simone in for an induced birth so we are looking forward to welcoming another grandchild into the world.
    Our big back room is being renovated at the moment – pulled the ceiling out replaced it and put wall board over the brick walls – painting at the moment – new airconditioner, parquerty floor is being sanded and sealed, new lights – so a complete makeover. Trying to paint the last couple of days but the temp has been well over 100 F – 44 C maximum temp ever for February in Adelaide – change coming tomorrow phhhh!!!
    Robert has been on swimming day at Brighton jetty – they will be fryed.

    Thankyou for your post – helps us keep up with what is happening in your world. We admire what you two are doing. Our love to you

  2. Your post brought me to tears. We hurt knowing that you’ve been hurting and wish we could take away the pain. While we can’t, at least know that we’re loving you from afar and are thinking and praying for you. You’re such an inspiring writer and precious friend; we love you. – Katie

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