20140209-081740.jpgDays with friends are good. Days with friends that revolve around food are better. And finally, days with friends that will soon be moving to Georgia are so fun and a little sad… but ultimately awesome because we couldn’t be happier for their new opportunity.

We love this little group of Truett friends and have so enjoyed having them close by in Houston. It’s always such a nice escape to get away for the day and explore new places and restaurants. But really we just go to see them. We always look forward to the conversations, the telling of seminary memories and the laughter we know will come in abundance.  This group is a safe place. A table around which we can do everything from flush out frustrations to share dreams of the future.

Can’t wait to see y’all on ‘Honey Boo Boo Goes to Church!’ Dinah, you better drive to Lufkin for the viewing party. Thanks for such a refreshing day, y’all! And for the thousands of calories. I enjoyed every single one! 20140209-081748.jpg


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