Good things

It’s obviously been a while since I just published this post two times accidentally before it was even close to being finished…

Today marks exactly 2 months since my last post. And this being my first free weekend in 2 months, I took a 3.5 hour nap this afternoon. So, tonight seems to be lending me some free time. The past 8 weeks have been a little out of control- in a totally acceptable kind of way. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy. But with this type of busyness also comes lots and lots of friends–new and old. Between weddings, showers, births, retreats, birthdays and passed exams, we’ve been on the go quite a bit. And even though we’ve been battling those hurdles called exhaustion, we’re still sprinting full speed ahead from celebration to celebration, because people are just worth it to us. We are so grateful for all of these friends and feel so honored to be a part of their lives! We are just as grateful that we’ve been able to be present at so many of their important occasions!

I said in January that my words seem to have left me, and it’s holding true still. I’ve honestly barely had time to form any thoughts. Much less flesh them out. But there have just been so many good things in the last few months that I want to remember. So while writing isn’t my thing right now, these pictures easily speak for themselves.

Lynn and James’ Fiesta Shower20140413-224052.jpgMeeting baby Nolan for the first time and Amanda’s 30th birthday.20140413-221918.jpgGetting to spend the day with Danielle before she welcomed baby Evie. Just for clarification … I’m dressed for an 80’s partaaay. 20140413-222010.jpgFishin’ with Jared. 20140413-222147.jpgLynn and James’ wedding!20140413-222334.jpgThrilled to be her Maid of Honor.20140413-222503.jpgStacia’s bridal shower in Phoenix. 20140413-222604.jpgstaciabridalshower20140413-223654.jpgA really great group of seniors at FBC Athens’ Dnow. 20140413-223809.jpgOk, I’m pushing publish. On purpose this time.


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