Our final day in Paris!

We started the day by paying a visit to our old friend Mona.

Having trudged around the Louvre like zombies, we decided it crucial to get se food in us so we stopped by Laduree, the famous tea and macaroon place. I wouldn’t say it was a home run, it fact it was our least favorite meal in Paris for many reasons, but hey it’s a memory we’re already laughing about.

Our goal was to make it to the Musee d’Orsay but decided we didn’t have time. Next time, right? We realized we never really took any pictures in front of the Eiffel so we headed that way to grab some pics in the rain. I think the exhaustion of day 4 had gotten to us, as I’m not sure we took but one serious picture. One man even said “what is that guy doing?” about Walker as he passed by. Ha. I think I’ll have to make another post with the ridiculous shots we got.


And then. AND THEN. The most beautiful alignment of traveling destiny happened. We met up with a seminary friend, D-Mac, who we hadn’t seen since he was in our wedding. He was there with his wife and some friends so the 6 of us headed to a restaurant to watch the French play in the World Cup. Happy July 4th to us!!!!

Just an inadequate picture to describe the masses gathered to watch the match on a big screen at Hotel du Ville. So much fun watching people line the streets with French flags and face paint. And a little intimidating to see cop after cop dressed in riot gear.

We parted ways with our friends and headed over to the bookstore the famous writers of the 1920s frequented. We loved it, but sadly obeyed the rules not to take pictures inside.


We ended the evening with a final dessert picnic on the river with some famous Berthillon ice cream and reflected on our four days.


Tomorrow we say goodbye to Paris and hello to Madrid. Paris was so so good to us. Thanks for following along!


One thought on “Finale

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your visit to Paris with me. You do such a splendid job with your writing and photography! I have so enjoyed seeing the sights with you and Walker and seeing how happy you have been doing it ! With love, Gm

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