Hello, Madrid!

We find ourselves relaxing on our terrace tonight in the city I’ve been longing to show Walker for years. We left a rainy Paris this morning and were greeted by a most wonderful friend who gave us a ride from the airport to our apartment. It’s been seven years since I’ve been in these streets I fell in love with over the course of two summers. Our apartment is more than we could have asked for. I’m obsessed with the floors and our terrace is lined with potted flowers and ivies dancing down the walls. Plus we have an elevator!

We went for a short walking tour around the area and when we got tired, we laid ourselves down in some grass and took a nap. America, we need more places to take public naps! After grabbing some groceries we headed home for a night of much needed relaxation. There’s a slight breeze fluttering through the pages of our books (yes, Walker is reading), and we are about to whisper goodnight to a day much adored.







One thought on “Hello, Madrid!

  1. Oh My Word!!!! I never imagined what a beautiful, educational, & just fun that could be had by going to Europe AND posting the pics!!! I feel like I’m there!!! I can hear the French music filtering through the air & smell the delicious aroma of the bakeries or ice cream. Does ice cream have a smell? It should!

    I feel inspired to Blog about your Blog!!
    You guys are so photogenic & look like you are just at home there (please, do come back to Lufkin, though).
    I just realized–are these comments for you guys or are they public?
    Nevertheless…WOW!!!! Keep having the wonderful time you look like you are having!!!
    The Sims 😉

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