Gah. This city.

I was asked at lunch today what I missed most about Madrid. Without hesitation I answered.

The people.

With the help of a kind Polish taxi driver, we made our way to church this morning. I interned at this church in 2007 and haven’t been back until now. I hadn’t forgotten what I love so much about this church, but I was only reminded again today. The diversity. The cultures. The multi-generations. The fellowship. The picture it displays of the body.

After the service a group of us headed to lunch, and Walker got to spend time with some of my favorite people in the world. We stayed until 5. Yes, Americans, we ate lunch until 5. And I love that!

Side note: Walker was told today that he looks like…wait for it…Tim Allen. Imagine my smile on that one.

We headed home and Bea met back up with us as we headed to Retiro Park, one of my very favorite places here. Bea quickly realized we are obsessed with dogs which made me realize we really are. We then wandered around in search of tapas and successfully ate dinner.

Today was filled with relaxation, good food, and the best company. We lived the Spanish life. What a happy happy day in Madrid.

Another side note:
Katelyn: Does Spain look like what you thought it would?
Walker: Ya, it looks pretty similar to the Spanish part of Six Flags.

Friends. Sad that not everyone is in the pic!

My Borras girls. Bea y Marta.

Recreating a picture from 2007. “I’m a Borras and I rule the world.”

Retiro and the streets of Madrid.






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