Sorry, Lufkin. Walker has decided he will be moving to Toledo. I haven’t agreed yet but I’m not sure there’s much I can do. Put the guy near a castle and he’s sold.

We got out of bed a little earlier than yesterday and caught a bus to Toledo, a city dating back to the Bronze Age. It’s a city still surrounded by walls where Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived together in harmony at one time. The cultural elements of the city are impressive and shockingly preserved. There was something so inspiring about being in a place where such religious peace once occurred. Walking through streets with so much culture still in tact transforms you back to an earlier time. I’d love to to write more about Toledo itself, but these two thumbs aren’t up for it. It’s definitely worth a Google!

Three noteworthy things happened today:
1. I went against all that is good in the world and wore tennis shoes with a dress. But my feet and back personally called me up to say thank you, so I guess it was worth it.
2. Walker tried mushrooms. And loved them! It was a milestone of our marriage.
3. We got in a fight. And broke up for a little bit. But no worries, we’re back together!

We trekked up and down the cobblestone hills, winding through narrow streets and alleys. On our way we popped in and out of mosques, churches, monasteries and synagogues, but the charm of the city, the taste of their famous mazapán pastries and the giddiness of my husband were not adequately captured by our iPhones. Maybe you just need to go see for yourself!



















Why mention the fight? Because I like to keep this blog based in reality. And all these posts seemed too much like a fairytale. Life is still life even on a dream vacation! Now serious, go google Toledo!


3 thoughts on “Toledo

  1. Wow…thanks for this. As a little girl I was enthralled by a picture I saw in a poster catalog called “View of Toledo”. I used to stare and stare at that picture with the storm clouds over the city. Loved seeing the real thing in your pictures and how beautiful it is. Such a gift that you are sharing….Vickie

  2. I loved seeing this..when I was a little girl I was fascinated by a poster I saw called “View of Toledo”…a city on a hill with dark storm clouds…I always wanted that picture…and now I have seen the real thing. So beautiful… Thank you!

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