Alcalá de Henares

I was too tired to blog last night. Truth be told I was too worn out from laughing. So that’s a problem I’ll take.

We were able to spend some time with the Dixons yesterday in Alcalá de Henares, their home, the birthplace of Cervantes, and another Spanish town dating back to Pre Roman. Susie gave us a tour, pointing out the cultural contributions of the Christians, Jews and Muslims. It’s another town where all three coexisted in peace. We were able to see the longest columned road in Europe, the first charity hospital in Spain from 1722, and the college where the modern day university system began. Like always, google it.
Cervantes’ house.

The famous storks and giant nests.

The gate from Madrid to Alcalá.

The church in the back of this main plaza is a site where Columbus begged Ferdinand and Isabella for money.

The university where universities began. Some buildings at TexasTech are modeled after this one.

A picture with David and Susie. I’m an idiot and forgot to get one while we had a better background.


We had dinner plans for 9:30 with the Borras family. With a bit of bus trouble, as in we were completely lost, a nice AND bilingual pregnant lady stepped in to help. Once she exited, the entire front half of the bus suddenly came to our rescue. I was turning in circles while saying gracias to everyone I could make eye contact with as we got off on the CORRECT stop. Friendly Spaniards, we are grateful for you.

I’m not sure whether we spent more time eating or laughing at dinner.

They wanted one just the two of them.


Bea thought we were being too formal.

Such a good day all because of the people we spent it with!


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