To Alex and Stacia

With the chaos of the school year’s end and the busyness of our summer months, I regrettably realized I never blogged about my best friend’s wedding. I’ve talked about Stacia on here before, ok maybe one, two, three times… not including all my shout outs to the beloved Bunny Club here and here. These days I consider the rare occasions we all get to spend together to be somewhat of a sacred time. I, or any of us for that matter, know full well not to take the time for granted. So between getting to spend 48 hours with these friends and my family + having the incredible privilege of standing as Stacia’s maid of honor, I look back on the weekend with the most grateful of hearts. Below is the speech I gave at the reception.
IMG_0407Nineteen years ago, I walked into my 5th grade classroom to find our desks in new arrangements. While most of the desks were in groups, mine was only next to one. The one who would be my partner and study buddy for at least the next few weeks. Being curious, I slyly lifted the top of the desk to grab a sneak peek at the name of this mysterious student. As soon as my eyes had time to adjust to what I was seeing, I dropped the lid in complete horror. The desk was chocked full of crumpled papers and disheveled school supplies. How could the teacher do this to me? There was just no way this messy person and I were ever going to get along.

Then all of a sudden my friend Stacia walked up and sat in the desk beaming with enthusiasm that we were sitting together. And as my excitement grew that I was actually sitting by the girl who had so graciously befriended me, the lonely new student, at the beginning of the year, I also think my confusion sky-rocketed. I know I probably sat glancing from desk to Stacia, desk to Stacia, desk to Stacia thinking, “I don’t even know who you are anymore!”

Well, 19 years later, I can say for sure that I know who Stacia is.

In fact Stacia is just a little bit messy.

She’s the one who will wear a pair of Rainbow flip-flops for literally 8 years– maybe longer.

And if you know her at all, you know she’s the definition of frugal. Her roommates may or may not have told me she collected condiments from restaurants so she never had to buy them. Or when she reused those plastic cups from QT instead of doing with them what you’re supposed to do with them—throw them away!

She’s the girl who grew out her leg hair for 3 months in high school, so it’s safe to say she’s the girl who has always been herself and not cared too much about what other people think.

I think we can all agree she’s the most laid-back human to have ever existed. Ever.

But Stacia is also the smartest person I know. Always has been.

She is the person who will sit and laugh for hours at the silliest joke, and will always laugh til she cries (which doesn’t take much).

Stacia is the person who will always put other people before herself. And will go out of her way to help someone (or some animal) in need.

She’s the person who works harder than most, who gives more than she has, and who cares for everyone with the purest of intentions.

Stacia is the person who, don’t tell my husband, makes me laugh harder than anyone in the world.

Stacia is the best friend I could have asked for.

For so many of us in the room, Stacia is the person who has loved us really, really well. And Alex, as long as you can put up with just a little bit of her messiness, she is going to love you really, really well. I’m so excited for your future together, and I couldn’t feel more privileged to share this day with y’all.

So as we all raise our glass we simply say, we love you.

To Alex and Stacia…


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