30 weeks

 I’m having some feelings of inadequacy. I just don’t seem to know what to say in these weekly writings to you.  People keep asking me if I talk to you. Nope, that’s your dad who has long, “secret” conversations with you. The kind where he tells me not to listen. I think about you all the time, literally, ALL the time, but the words just aren’t there. But instead of letting those feelings of inadequacy win, I’m going to tell myself it’s perfectly ok. Because I think that’s what I would tell you to do in the same situation. Not compare myself to those who write beautiful essays to their children or have the most breathtaking maternity photos. Because you and me, this week we both got good reports at the doctor. You have a ‘happy heartbeat.’ I have a full tube of Preparation H. And we both have Walker who is taking the best care of us. And in this 30th week, that’s all we need.  


5 thoughts on “30 weeks

  1. Our greetings to all ‘three’ of you. We are excited for you and have been watching the reports with great interest. With George at 15 months, Zaccheus in Singapore at two, you guys in Texas, and another one on the way in Dec for David and Simmone it is ‘raining’ babies – such is the life of ‘grandparenting’. As always, our love to you Judy and Peter

  2. Beautiful ivy wall!! Is that in Lufkin? I relate to so many of your thoughts shared on this blog. I am so glad I stumbled upon it!

  3. I soooo feel that way with this pregnancy. It really is ok. You have a lifetime of late night secret chats ahead of you (that she will actually remember). Love you sweet BabyKate. I can’t wait for Thanksween 2015!

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