31 weeks

Just a few things I’ve been thinking about the past week. Things I hope your dad and I live out before you. So maybe these are more reminders to myself instead of explicit advice to you, but anyway…

Give everything you have when it means being present in people’s lives. This might mean driving long distances, sitting in hospital waiting rooms, or saying yes even when you’re tired. People won’t always return the favor. And they won’t always express gratitude. Show up anyway. Every new day is a gift you’ve been given, and part of this gift means that time is not always your own. That time is a gift you can give to others. Be present.

Express gratitude. Maybe you’ll be better at writing thank you cards like your momma. Or good at saying thank you face to face like your dad. But take time to recognize your gratefulness and tell that person how much you appreciate them.

Be frugal so that you may give generously.

Commit. Said you’re going to do something? Do it. Furthermore, take the step of making commitments in the first place.

Life is about quality of close friends. Not quantity. Take it upon yourself to be the highest of quality.

It’s OK to get your feelings hurt. But when it’s time to move on, use it as a lesson in not hurting others in the same way.

Live in humble confidence and confident humility.


4 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. This post made my heart feel so big. Hazel Jane is going to be such a precious little wonder, because her parents are such incredible people. I can’t wait to watch!

  2. You look amazing and so gorgeous in this picture!! (And EVERY picture!)
    Your advice is wonderful and powerful; thank you for sharing! Hazel Jane is lucky to have parents like you and Walker! You may not feel like that each day..but you two bless SO many people, how much more will you bless her?!

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