We’ll march forever down the years

20130805-090813.jpgWe were passing through Waco Saturday night when we needed to grab a quick dinner with Opal in tow. We picked up a Chicago-style pizza and swung by Baylor for a spontaneous little date. Well, one thing led to another and we gave Opal a whole campus tour. At least as much as her smushed nose and absent endurance could handle. By the end of it, we had some really great laughs but also an overheated pup for whom we quickly went to buy a water bottle. Yes, our love of Baylor almost killed our dog. But as most Baylor grads would say, you gotta start ’em early, right? Hopefully next time these pictures will include a green and gold cheerleading outfit. We all have to move on from Baylor at some point or another, but isn’t it the best place to go back and visit?!20130805-090901.jpg“You’re telling me this makes me keep barking even after I stop?!”20130805-091015.jpgPracticing for her future graduation picture. 20130805-091055.jpg“SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!”20130805-091147.jpgShe couldn’t believe she was standing in the same place where her godparents got engaged. 20130805-091216.jpgPro-Texana. Pro Ecclesia. 20130805-091756.jpgShe ran everywhere with this much excitement. Or she was in squirrel-chasing heaven. 20130805-091303.jpgShe wasn’t so much a fan of the fountain. Please notice her skid marks. 20130805-091353.jpgSometimes we still stand in awe, too, Opal. 20130805-091455.jpg“Ruff, ruff, ruuuuuuuuff!” Aggressively barking at Judge Baylor as a real tour walked by made for two really embarrassed parents. 20130805-091532.jpgBut she started to warm up to him. 20130805-091600.jpgAnd knew they’d be friends forever. As long as stars shall shine.

And there you have it. One of our absolute funniest memories with this dog of ours. So glad to have her back. Sic ’em bears! Shoot!! We never made it over to the bears.



reunionReunions. I love reunions. The only thing I might like better is living in a giant cul-de-sac with all of my friends. Zip lines would connect from house to house, of course. But until I start living that dream, I’ll relish in the joy of a good ol’ fashion reunion. I love the anticipation beforehand. The freedom to be yourself during. And the rejuvination felt on the drive home. Reunions bring the feeling of being known. And of knowing someone else.  No explanations are needed. You laugh about the past and dream about the future, but you feel so alive in the present moment you could burst. All this gibberish to say, I’m glad to have spent last weekend in Waco with my college roommates at our first sleepover since the undergrad days. Thanks for a delightful weekend, froomies!


Oh Waco, we do love you. We have so many trips planned to come see you in these next few months. With weddings, roomie reunions and so on. But goodness gracious, we are sick and tired of your 3-hour drive. With one lane, no cell phone service, hyperactive deer and an ungodly amount of 18-wheelers. How about you come to us this time? But the relationships you’ve given us are worth double the miles. So we will drive, and drive happily. wacotown


On our way home from San Antonio we decided to take a detour to the the historic town of Independence, TX. It might have taken us a little longer on the backroads, but it was well worth it to tour the humble home of Baylor University!

Twas the rainiest of days, but Walker only saw sunshine. Put that boy on a historic sight tour, and he’ll leave you in his dust. I had fun twirling in my skirt and longing for my rain boots. What a fun and significant place for any Baylor Bear to visit!