We’ll march forever down the years

20130805-090813.jpgWe were passing through Waco Saturday night when we needed to grab a quick dinner with Opal in tow. We picked up a Chicago-style pizza and swung by Baylor for a spontaneous little date. Well, one thing led to another and we gave Opal a whole campus tour. At least as much as her smushed nose and absent endurance could handle. By the end of it, we had some really great laughs but also an overheated pup for whom we quickly went to buy a water bottle. Yes, our love of Baylor almost killed our dog. But as most Baylor grads would say, you gotta start ’em early, right? Hopefully next time these pictures will include a green and gold cheerleading outfit. We all have to move on from Baylor at some point or another, but isn’t it the best place to go back and visit?!20130805-090901.jpg“You’re telling me this makes me keep barking even after I stop?!”20130805-091015.jpgPracticing for her future graduation picture. 20130805-091055.jpg“SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!”20130805-091147.jpgShe couldn’t believe she was standing in the same place where her godparents got engaged. 20130805-091216.jpgPro-Texana. Pro Ecclesia. 20130805-091756.jpgShe ran everywhere with this much excitement. Or she was in squirrel-chasing heaven. 20130805-091303.jpgShe wasn’t so much a fan of the fountain. Please notice her skid marks. 20130805-091353.jpgSometimes we still stand in awe, too, Opal. 20130805-091455.jpg“Ruff, ruff, ruuuuuuuuff!” Aggressively barking at Judge Baylor as a real tour walked by made for two really embarrassed parents. 20130805-091532.jpgBut she started to warm up to him. 20130805-091600.jpgAnd knew they’d be friends forever. As long as stars shall shine.

And there you have it. One of our absolute funniest memories with this dog of ours. So glad to have her back. Sic ’em bears! Shoot!! We never made it over to the bears.



Just wanting to remember what it felt like to see Opal after a month. Her cankles and snorts and sweet little sighs. We’ve missed her sassy self. Some might say too much. They might base this on our date to PetSmart the night before so we could inconspicuously find random dogs to love on. We looked through bulldog magazines and found her some cute little rain booties she might get next time we feel we deserve a treat…because they sure aren’t a treat to her. I can’t wait to video those first few steps. She’s ours again. All ours. And I say  we’ve missed her just enough. 20130803-121928.jpg20130803-122006.jpg20130803-122228.jpg

I miss …

Yesterday’s Blog Everyday prompt: What do you miss?

Right now I could list of a lot of things I miss. People especially. Some no longer here and others so far away. Places like Tucson and Madrid. Or things like innocence and naiveté. But my posts have been heavy lately, so I’d rather stay positive with this one! I miss … BABY OPAL! I have to limit myself to one picture, because I seriously just found around 30 I wanted to post. We love big Opal just as much, but man, I do miss all those wrinkles!IMG_1057

Because what’s cuter than watching a bulldog run around with a camera on her back?

Warning: We’re obsessed with our dog.

Every day when Walker gets home, Opal meets him in the driveway with the heartiest of greetings. Yesterday was no different, except Walker strapped a Go Pro camera to her back for a glance into her perspective on life. And as he said, her worldview is a little bouncy. Here’s a sneak peak into our Tuesday afternoon entertainment.

Sunday night thoughts: Living for the Weekdays

photoI don’t want to be a weekend girl.

Do I want to relish in all the perks that Saturday and Sunday bring? Ummm, yeah, duh.

Do I want to wake up next to my boo with no alarm? Wear my pajamas as if they are a space suit ready to kill me if I take them off? Eat donuts and processed food because somehow the harmful effects can’t touch me ‘til Monday? Delight in the freedom of small adventures and time with friends?

Yes to the heck ya  X 100.

But I don’t want to be a weekend girl.

I don’t want to count the days as if the weekend is my source of life. Wednesday—3 more days. Thursday—2 more days. Friday—the party boat of life sets sail.

But what do I want?

I want to look forward to the weekend without overlooking the weekdays.

So what will I do?

I will wake up Monday morning shouting IT’S MONDAY! IT’S MONDAY! I will make choices on TUESDAY. Choices to say hello in the hallways, to encourage anyone and everyone, to demonstrate compassion, to hand out grace. I will appreciate another WEDNESDAY. Appreciate the day not because of the circumstances, but because it’s another day I can give love because I am loved. On THURSDAY I will learn from others, embrace everyone, exclude no one, celebrate creativity and recognize beauty in my surroundings. And on FRIDAY, I will look back at the week seeing not wants and hopes but moves and actions. I will see days peppered with both success and failure, but mostly with extraordinary effort.

I also know this week I will grow weary. I will become annoyed at a student and watch the second hand tick slowly by. Dirty dishes will loiter the coffee table for days, and the toilet paper will pile up without ever making it on the roller. I will hurt and see others hurt. I will stress. I will fail. I will long for the weekend.

But I don’t want to be a weekend girl.

So somehow, through life-giving grace, I won’t just make it through the day, I will experience the day for all it holds. I will take each step knowing the next is nothing short of a gift. And I will remember that all of my ‘will do’s’ are only possible because of His ‘has done.’

Tomorrow is Monday. I hope Walker is ready for a 6 a.m. operatic ballad proclaiming the joy of a new week. Or maybe I’ll just dry my hair and fasten my shoes as normal and give him a kiss goodbye. Declaring the greatness of a new and merciful day in the ordinary opportunities. In the everyday.


Walker the Talker

Walker likes to participate in what he calls ‘making memories.’ This isn’t the ‘let’s go on an adventure’ type memory. This is the ‘let me intentionally annoy Katelyn so she will always remember.’ One of his favorite settings is when we are laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Wait, let me back up, I mean when I’m already asleep and have been for a while. Sometimes he just goes for it and wakes me up for pillow talk. Then other times he nudges me until he knows I’m half awake and declares something along these lines…

W: Sometimes I just look over at you, and you’re just so beautiful.

W: And sometimes I look over, and you’re not there.

W: And then sometimes I look over, and you’re not beautiful.

And like usual, he has succeeded, in ‘making a memory’ I will never forget.daddy daughter dance

Welcome Home!

Hey Dad!
Welcome home! I know you aren’t getting back until tomorrow night, but I just thought I would tell you that not much has changed. Mom tried to take some pictures of us after church so we could send a few to say we miss you, but per my usual self, I refused to look at the camera. I’ve also continued to find random panties to chew on. No matter where you put them, I will find them. And your black sock, sorry about your black sock. I’ve been sleeping most of the days, but don’t worry, I still wake up long enough to snort snot all over mom’s computer/face/book. I think she thinks it’s cute. I need you to come home. When I bite and scratch mom she yells at me. She doesn’t think playtime is fun. All she wants to do is cuddle and squish my face. Please come home so I can have somebody to wrestle with again. Oooh, gotta go, I just ate a bug, and mom is probably going to try and pull it out of my mouth. Drive safe! I wish I was in your passenger’s seat!

i put my paws up, they’re playin’ my song

Raise your paw if you have become a local celebrity?

Opal was featured in the Lufkin Daily News yesterday (on her b-day!) promoting her new favorite hot spot in town–the doggie wash. Yes, a car wash but for dogs. I was devastated I had to miss her first modeling shoot, but so goes the life of a working parent.

We’re a little disappointed she wasn’t front page, but the picture was color, so I guess that makes up for it. I mean she’s got a little way to go before she makes it to ‘secret santa’ status, right?

If we had only kept count of how many ‘aren’t you tired of being in the paper yet?’s we received. And the answer is…yes for us, never for opal.20130113-221757.jpg

Happy Birthday, Opal!

Opal Lou turned 1 today! She made it a year, so I guess this gives us hope for our future children. There was really no option besides throwing her a little surprise birthday party complete with pupcakes. And let’s just say, she loves pupcakes. Thanks to Jared for helping us bake these treats!

Along with a new toy, we gave her her first pair of Doggles to help her open her squinty eyes when she hangs her head out the car window. I’m not sure she’s a fan of those yet, but we sure are.

It was an entertaining little afternoon celebration, and some people might think we are crazy, but I just think we are fun. The only thing we will do differently next year is send out invitations, because we had several people wanting to join in on the fun!

Opal, we love you. And we are unhealthily obsessed with you. Happy Birthday!

candlecollagecakecollage1dogglessexytiredoutsideAnyone looking to make pupcakes should click here! We made our own icing out of peanut-butter and smashed bananas.