Cheer ‘Em On! Sprint Triathlon Edition

A few weeks ago (ok, maybe over a month ago…I’m so on top of things) Walker and some friends completed the Towne Lake Sprint Triathlon after training for four months. From May to September, they watched what they ate, carved time out of their day to work out and encouraged each other to stay disciplined. They each conquered a 400 meter swim, a 12 mile bike ride and a 5K run. We are all so proud of them!

I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered my new calling. I want to spend every day at races just being a witness and a participant in all the cheerleading. It’s such a positive place. Everyone wants the best for everyone. People cheer for strangers. Not one person goes overlooked or neglected. It’s just the best. I think we all left pretty inspired. I just kept wondering what life would be like if we cheered each other on all the time. I may have even teared up when I saw our guys waiting at the finish line to give and receive big sweaty hugs as each one of them crossed the line. Sweet friends.

After crossing the finish line, I’m pretty sure each one mentioned that they never want to do another one again, but by lunchtime they were already planning their next race. We couldn’t be more proud of all the energy and perseverance y’all put into this race, and we can’t wait for the next one!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_0701.JPGProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_0649.JPGProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_0700.JPGIMG_0702.JPGIMG_0650.JPGIMG_0654.JPGIMG_0703.JPGIMG_0704.JPG



Cheer ’em on!

Blog Every Day in May, Day 22: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

My vision for this space is to document an honest account of our life- to focus on the joy life brings while also being true to reality. The reality that life isn’t always as pretty as edited photos and crafted words. Here on this blog we choose to remember all of the emotions and circumstances that life presents, even the tough ones. But overall, I try to keep it positive, so I don’t feel comfortable or have any desire to rant. I’ve got people in my life that occassionally get an ear-full, but I’m not going to make you become those people!

So today, I choose not to rant. I choose to RAVE!

Cheer ’em on Round Deux!!

Husband, we might be the couple that is more likely to sarcastically make fun of each other rather than publicly ooh and aah over one another, but we just call it affection. So in rare form (and somewhat nervous/way to vulnerable for my comfort zone form) I will share with the world (or 81 followers) just a little bit of why I love you.

You get more excited than any person I know. Whether it be seeing new sights on a trip, bowling a strike or simply driving by a Chicken Express, you muster more enthusiasm than most people do over the birth of a baby. You make me laugh even when I try my hardest not to enjoy your jokes. With your job you don’t always make everyone happy, and let’s be honest- some people are just always mad at you, but you still manage to treat them with genuine kindness every day. You’re willing to say the first ‘I’m sorry’ even when I’m obviously the one at fault and you’re beyond loving to  your family, my family, our family. You cry at commercials, call all of my girlfriends your ‘ladies’ and even though you’re verbal with your feelings, you accept and support that I’m nonverbal. You’re always the first to help a stranger in need and you give so generously even when I’m like ‘put that money back in your pocket.’ So, Walker, I support you, I’m proud of you and I’m cheering you on! popsicles in the parkpopsicles in the park 2popsicles in the park 3popsicles in the park 4

Go cheer someone on today. It’ll make their day. And yours.

Cheer ‘Em On

Don’t you think we need to cheer each other on a little bit more?

In a culture where we are taught to constantly compare ourselves to one another- whether it be appearance, intelligence, profession, social status- I think it would do us all a little good to start being happy for each other. Genuinely.

I want to start being intentional about telling people I’m proud of them, and that I’m happy for them. So today I’m starting with my lifelong besties. You know, the ‘til death due us part type friends.

Go cheer someone on today. It’ll make their day. And yours.

So, in no particular order, meet:gracie copyGracie should have been Miss Tennessee. Courageously moving to Manhattan after college to pursue PR, she now works for ESPN. Yep, she’s the one all the groomsmen in our wedding were most excited to meet, married ones included. She’s the most positive and encouraging person I know, always greeting people with a smile. She models confidence, creativity and compassion, and I admire her. Queen bee, I’m proud of the person you are, happy for your success and grateful for your friendship. Love, queen bee.stacia copyStacia, she’s a smarty pants, both in academics and humor. She recently got a great accounting job where she now discusses things involving the word ‘nuclear.’ She bought a truck, bought a house and bought a dog. We’ve travelled the world together and sat home on Friday nights together, but there’s never a boring moment. She is the best company and laughing partner in all the land (and Twister partner). She’s disciplined, supportive and adventurous. Shooter, I’m proud of the person you are, happy for your success and grateful for your friendship. Love, Kellen. alyssa copy1Alyssa is a fireball. She’s a loyal, hard-working dreamer. And the funniest foul-mouth I know. She works for the American Cancer Society and pursues her dream of being an event planner on the weekends. She’s a go-getter, who I wish I were more like, unafraid and bold. Thanks for always providing a good laugh, can’t wait to be your bridesmaid in November! Alice, I’m proud of the person you are, happy for your success and grateful for your friendship. Love, K-Hawk.steph copyStephanie is a dream catcher. She recently quit her job of 4 years to pursue a job in the cheese industry. Cheese is her passion, and she’s going for it. She’s inspirational, poised and down-to-earth. She’s got the best legs in Brooklyn but an even more impressive heart. She’s easy to talk to, offering equal parts listening and advice. Stephania, I’m proud of the person you are, happy for your success and grateful for your friendship. Love, Kate.